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Let's partner with our affiliate program. If you communicate to an entrepreneurial audience, we'd love to pay you!

Our upendPR membership solves a MAJOR need for entrepreneurs who aren't quite ready to pay $4000 to $8000 a month to hire a publicist. It also lays down the groundwork necessary to be successful at public relations for life!

  • Our step-by-step proven system includes an extensive video library on every aspect entrepreneurial media training.
  • We provide media monitoring using agency-level tools – with the purpose of giving our members the best pitches they can copy & paste to their media contacts.
  • We use our agency-level media inquiry tools and set alerts and communicate with our members the minute we find journalists who need a quote from an expert in their industry.
  • We also provide ongoing live coaching to ensure our members are successfully getting on TV, in print, and in digital media.
  • We provide open access to our media database of over hundreds of thousands of newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, magazine, bloggers, and podcasters.

This system will reveal how to get the media relationships that lead regular TV segments, and also being a trusted subject matter expert for journalists and producers for years and years. That's what our founder, Josh Elledge personally built for his own company – and what he's taught to those he's consulted with for years.

Podcasters: Josh is a podcaster (The SavingsAngel Show) and has spoken at more than 8 different podcasting events on how to get free PR publicity and how to make money as a podcaster.

He's worked with dozens of podcast sponsors himself and would love to chat about this topic and truly serve your audience! The interview will likely be one of your most listened-to episodes because people will be in shock about what they can create. Josh's story, alone, is an amazing one. He's enjoyed great interviews with many other big name podcasters including Mike Stelzner (Social Media Marketing), Entrepreneur on Fire, Dan Miller (48 Days to the work you love), So Money Farnoosh Torabi, Jaime Tardy / Masters (Eventual Millionaire) and Lou Mongello (WDW Radio).

Interview resources: Bio, photo, questions


Let's talk about the opportunity

I can help you monetize your podcast or blog with a joint venture affiliate program with a proven track record.

Podcasters: If you'd like to book Josh Elledge, he'll over-deliver on content. Josh's current consulting rate is $400/hr. and he'll give every bit of value he offers his clients to your audience via interview – or written content. He'll hold nothing back. We're very much part of the go-giver movement – which means always serving audiences and giving away our best stuff.

If we conduct an audio or video interview at some point in the discussion, I'm sure the subject of will come up. Your audience invited to download my free resource guide or be invited to attend a webinar that will teach the step-by-step process for how to get on the news. They are exceptionally valuable and most smart entrepreneurs will fill several pages of notes based on what I share. I condense 25+ years of experience into the most critical information entrepreneurs need to know to succeed in this digital era of media mastery.

The next step in the funnel is our Twitter Mastery video course which retails for $100. We can arrange to offer it to your audience for free.

The next offer we can make as podcast sponsors is perhaps as part of a joint venture via webinar is our upendPR membership.  This offer is the biggest no-brainer in the world of public relations (or Internet marketing) – and is why is disrupting how PR is done for entrepreneurs.

Your commission is $100 for each basic membership and $200 for each advanced or pro membership.


If you refer (and maintain) a minimum of four paying customers, your own advanced membership is FREE!

Interview Josh Elledge for podcast sponsors money

In addition to top-tier commissions and a FREE membership, you will also have my gratitude. we cannot fulfill our mission without you. We'd be honored to be your affiliate partner.

The data:

So far, 35% of those who land on our page through an affiliate partner register for our webinar.

75% show up. (Yes – that number is correct). Webinars are evergreen and run very often.

Our conversion rate is around 35% of all attendees (fabulous!).

We're currently converting 9.19% of every 100 clicks. At $100 to $200 commission per sale, every 100 clicks can create $9,190-$18,375 in commissions for you.


What to do now?

Whether you're a blogger, podcaster, influencer, or social media superstar, create an affiliate account now!

We're honored to work with you and create a very profitable podcast sponsors campaign with you. We want to pay you lots of money this year while we serve your audience – helping make their businesses thrive. Affiliate cookies are set to a full year – and we always pay on first click. We want to have a long, fruitful relationship with you and look forward to being of service in any way we can in support of your own business.

In service to your success,
Josh Elledge & the rest of the upendPR team