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free PR publicity buzz for startup entrepreneursJosh Elledge, Chief Executive Angel of has…
  • Been on TV and radio more than 1000 times in more than 100 different cities
  • Owned a newspaper
  • Writes a syndicated column to 1.5 million readers
  • Has created more than $8 million in free advertising for his company.
  • Has taught very large audiences how to do the same thing

Josh and the upendPR team will teach you his strategies and formula for getting free PR and getting on the news in any city. More importantly, you’ll learn how to position yourself as the expert that the media will come back to week after week. It doesn’t matter if you are a tech startup, author or athlete. The rules are the same and they all equate to one thing:

When you get lots of great media attention and buzz, you become a media celebrity. Celebrities are able to attract more money, more traffic, and more sales for the products they represent.

The more your audience sees you, the more they will trust and like you. You’ll gain an incredible digital reputation. Investors will pay more attention. Customers will respect your authority in your industry. Your segments, stories, and content will get shared far and wide throughout the web – all doing its job to bring people back to you and your brand!

What you'll learn

Success requires exposure

Have you ever felt that you would someday get on TV? Be quoted in major publications? Be talked about in households across the country? I have something to tell you that celebrities and successful entrepreneurs know. If you want to be on TV, radio, established press, and large digital media outlets, you can’t just build a business from behind your keyboard and expect to be recognized. You need to make your publicity happen.

It’s not incredibly difficult – but it takes having someone show you how to make connections and truly shine when you get your moment in the spotlight. A vast majority of business owners fail at this – and are potentially missing out on millions in sales with free PR because their business just isn’t well known. You are missing out on massive exposure and credibility if you don’t have a good publicity system in place. I will reveal exactly what you can do… step-by-step in my free videos above.

How I bootstrapped a 7-figure a year business.

Prior to launching my company, I laid my groundwork by making many friends in the media. 18 of 20 outlets I chatted with said YES to helping me launch my company. I’ll tell you exactly what I said and did.

I’ll also share with you what some of my early media segments meant in terms of being able to grow my business. Bottom-line: If I didn’t get the help from the media, my company would never have gotten off the ground.

This is what fuels me. There are countless great ideas and budding entrepreneurs who have what it takes to become successful. The only thing missing is customers and sales. A successful, ongoing media campaign can solve this.

Why there's never been a better time than now

More than ever before, if you produce great digital content, news departments want to talk to you! However, it’s critical that you know what to say and more importantly, what not to say!

I’ll show you how to find the right people to talk with. I’ll show you how to make connections. I’ll show you how to represent yourself with free PR – not only as an expert in your company and brand – but as an expert for your industry as a whole.

Technology has improved. Business has improved. Access to journalists and influencers has improved. However, many entrepreneurs I’ve spoken with have expressed frustration with a PR industry who has not evolved to meet the needs of the lean startup and ambitious entrepreneurs.

How to get ready for your media debut

This part is so critical. I cannot overemphasize how important it is that you are ready before you contact your local media. It’s also equally important that your website and fulfillment is ready for what happens when you get a great media segment.

As a member, I’ll regularly share with you the elements that you’ll need in place so that you’ll quickly gain the trust of journalists, broadcasters, writers, and producers. Trust me. They are looking for some very specific things and if you don’t have them in place, don’t expect a message back.

Why I'm teaching this for free & disrupting public relations in a big way.

You can spend a lot of money to hire a public relations expert to get you placed in your local newspaper or TV news. I spent $23,000 in PR fees. PR people are some of the nicest people in the world. Most are excellent at what they do. As a small-business owner or entrepreneur, however, there is a major problem: you cannot afford to buy what you would truly need. A half-hearted PR attempt is a waste of money. A. Huge. Waste. is disrupting this system for anyone looking to launch their business. My approach to PR is based on what works best: creating the most effective public relations expert for your business: you. You’ll learn what you need to create free PR & buzz and grow your business — from someone who has exceeded that many times over.

You may ultimately decide that you don’t want to communicate directly with the media as you grow your company. Pursue free PR anyway. The skills you learn as a PR-savvy entrepreneur will evoke publicity through the rest of your business life.

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